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Voice Enable Your Business

Move your Business towards the vision of a smart, connected work environment that responds to employees needs with Amazon Alexa for Business.

With Alexa for Business you can provision and manage Echo devices throughout your office, and configure them to work with your existing conference room AV/VC equipment. This allows Alexa take care of all the details so that employees can begin meetings with the simple voice command, “Alexa, start the meeting”.

Our Alexa for Business Experts can Voice Enable your Business to increase efficiency, employee productivity and to keep your organisation on the cutting edge of technology.

Voice Enable Your Brand

For many Organisations, Voice is quickly becoming a key element of their Brand Strategy.  These Companies are now engaging with and providing value to their Customers and Clients, in a totally new way. 

Move your Brand into a new game-changing way of interacting with your Customers and Clients via a Custom Alexa Skill.  Custom Alexa Skills will move your Brand ahead of the Competition and delight your Customers and Clients. 
Our Senior Solution Developers can craft Custom Alexa Skills to keep your brand on the cutting edge of technology.

Why Micro Design Centre Inc?

Micro Design Centre Inc is a Voice Technology Company. We create, host, tune and maintain exceptional Amazon Alexa Custom Skills for clients.

With over 30 years of Software Development experience, our Development Staff is uniquely qualified to produce engaging experiences for your Company and your Brand.

Here at Micro Design Centre Inc. we have decades of experience creating Speech Enabled Applications.

Our Company is based on the premise that our Customers are what drives us, and we strive to make each interact a rewarding one from start to finish.

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