If you are interested in developing your own Alexa Skills, there are basically 3 routes you can take.

Simplest Complexity – Alexa Blueprints

Recently, Amazon introduced a series of no-code, fill-in-blank templates called Alexa Blueprints that let anyone build Alexa Skills, specifically for their personal Amazon Devices. Now the average (non-programmer) person has the ability to create basic Alexa Skills.

There are currently 20 skill blueprints in four different categories. Once you’ve created your Skill, you can share it with others to use on their own Alexa-enabled devices.

You can get started with Alexa Blueprints at


Medium Complexity – Drag and drop tools

A variety of Companies offer web based tools for creating Alexa Skills. Using a drag and drop interface users can create simple to rather complex Alexa Skills. You need to invest time in learning how to best operate the tools, but the results can be quite rewarding.

Here are a couple of companies that offer these drag and drop environments

Voice Apps – https://voiceapps.com

StoryLine – https://getstoryline.com/

Highest Complexity – Full blown development

For the most flexibility in developing your Alexa Skill, you need to dig into developing with the Alexa Skills Kit. At this level it is best to have a background in programming and this method certainly takes the most time. However like anything that is complex,  the depth of the Alexa Skills you can create by using The Alexa Skills Kit is endless.

You can get started with the Alexa Skills Kit at


Which is Best?

Of course it all comes down to your own needs and abilities. However the important thing is pick a method and start creating your own Alexa Skill.

The future looks very bright in the Voice World, and the possibilities are endless.


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