About a 2 years ago I purchased a Surface Pro 4 machine, and by far it has been the finest computer I have ever owned…until 2 weeks ago.

I had read on the Internet about the Surface Pro 4 having screen issues, specifically jittery, shaking screen display issues. There was so much uproar about this issue that Microsoft eventually decided to replace any machine that was experiencing the screen issues.

So about 2 weeks ago my Surface Pro 4 started displaying symptoms and a few days later the problem was quite severe. Being a skeptical person by nature, I figured I was in for a rough ordeal to get my machine replaced, but I was wrong.

Last Thursday I called Microsoft. The Lady I spoke with took a bit of information including Serial # and sent me an email that included pre-paid shipping label.

I packaged up the machine called UPS and on Friday afternoon the machine was picked up. Later I received a couple of emails telling me that my machine had been received and was being processed.

Today is Wednesday, and I received a brand new Surface Pro 4 which I am typing on now.¬†Absolutely seamless…no questions…no issues…just a new machine…just like they promised.¬†Now of course having to backup the original and setting up the new one will take time, but I am extremely surprised and pleased at how well they have stood behind the product that I purchased.

If you have a Surface Pro 4 that has screen issues, send it back and get a new one…the process is really painless.


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